On May 16th 2012, people from I-Doser.com (a company that violated SBaGen's license) have sent us a written request for all their sbg files to be removed from this website, which we already removed. It is ironical that people, who have stolen other person's work and earned a lot of money out of it, lying to other people and selling something they didn't create themselves, are reaching for the "justice" to make sure "their material" is not distributed "illegally" by some 3rd party (like this website). It's one more reason why you shouldn't buy "their products".

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27.Nov.2012. Trinity Seven (Deep w/Pink Noise) al Play audio sample 1163 Download .sbg file 2 Like
27.Nov.2012. Trinity Seven al Play audio sample 751 Download .sbg file 1 Like
16.Sep.2012. HT-Pleasure-box-X HellTiger Play audio sample 1202 Download .sbg file 0 Like
16.Sep.2012. HT-om_chord-Pulsing-7.83hz HellTiger Play audio sample 824 Download .sbg file 1 Like
16.Sep.2012. HT-om_chord-monaural7.83 HellTiger Play audio sample 716 Download .sbg file 1 Like
16.Sep.2012. HT-om_chord-soft-7.83hz HellTiger Play audio sample 706 Download .sbg file 0 Like
6.Sep.2012. Test Phi Harmonizer Satori Estudio Play audio sample 833 Download .sbg file 0 Like
6.May.2012. Test-prog-slide-alpha-10 Administrator Play audio sample 1087 Download .sbg file 2 Like
6.May.2012. Test-focus27 Administrator Play audio sample 935 Download .sbg file 0 Like
6.May.2012. Examples - Focus - wave-08 Administrator Play audio sample 856 Download .sbg file 0 Like